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Our Mastiff Is Sick

Today’s been a pretty hard day. We both woke up after not sleeping very much, for starters. I think we’ve finally realized sleeping on the couch is just not the way to go. As the morning progressed, we started noticing some very strange behavior from our Neopolitan Mastiff, Brodie. He was pacing around, licking his lips, making a cough/gag type noise, and he had his tail tucked firmly between his legs.


Send Some Good Vibes Brodie's Way

Now, let me give you a little history about Brodie. My girlfriend found him in a warehouse when she worked with a large breed dog rescue in California. He was tied up, and his ears had been chopped up with scissors. The general consensus is that he was meant to be used as a fighter, but mastiffs, in general, do not really exhibit the necessary behavior for this horrible sport. When she brought him home, he was fearful and mostly kept to himself. He hid under a glass table in the corner of the living room for months. The rescue, itself, told her he was unadoptable, and that he should be put down. Undeterred, she kept him as her own and, eventually, it’s like a switch went off, and he kind of evolved into the biggest, sweetest baby you will ever meet. At 100 pounds, even, we’re pretty sure he thinks he’s the size of our pug. He loves hot dogs and wearing t-shirts. He makes more noise than your average wood chipper, and he loves his brother and sister (A pug and an Australian Shepherd.)

So, getting back to today’s events, we took Brodie outside where he proceeded to try and eat every sliver of grass in our front yard, and continued to walk around, flapping his tongue, and refusing to go to the bathroom. He started shaking, which was possibly because of the cold, and was just not being himself. We finally decided to take him to the vet. Once there, due to a prior incident in which his intestines twisted due to bloat, a $5,000 surgery I should point out, the immediate concern was that he was coming down with the same condition. The vet took him into the back, and we waited about two more hours while they performed $500 worth of X-Rays and stabilization. After that, the vet informed us she didn’t think he was twisted up, but they couldn’t be absolutely sure. Great. It also revealed his spleen seemed to be in the wrong place. This sounded pretty bad, but we thought we should make sure before we worried too much. So, after another $75 ultra sound, the vet determined the odd placement was likely due to his prior surgery, and it probably isn’t an issue. Finally, when they realized he seemed to be doing better, we were offered a “support care” option. Now, Brodie is sitting at the vet under observation for the next 12 hours on pain medication and I.V. fluids.

We’re pretty worried, but I really think he’ll be okay. We’re definitely hoping for the best. He’s just as much a part of our family as any human would be. He’s been through a lot with his mom and I know she’d be devastated if he doesn’t recover. I figured writing about it here would be a good way to get the emotions out. Not sure if it works, but just be sure to send plenty of good vibes Brodie’s way. He’s very special dinosaur of a dog. He’s worth every penny we can’t afford to make better.

A new update, pulled straight from my own facebook account —–

Brodie's Home!

Finally, he made it home!

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