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TacoCopter – A New Age Of Awesome

As I was browsing the Huffington Post today, I found something so incredibly jaw-dropping, I literally could not think for several minutes. Now, as Americans, we have a certain taste and urgency for fresh ideas surrounding the delivery and preparation of our fast food. Some call us lazy. Others call us fat. What do I think? I think we’re on the cutting edge of innovation. Our finest engineers have provided all new ways to deliver tacos to our mouths. I, personally, am salivating at the thought.

Enter the TacoCopter. This unmanned drone has been designed and built to deliver tacos based on GPS coordinates sent straight from your smart phone. This tiny taco-toting transport may sound like a work of science fiction, but it is very real. The only problem with the everyday practicality of such a feat of technology? That’s right. The government.

The Taco Copter

The next generation of American innovation.

The FAA has declared it unlawful to operate an unmanned drone in U.S. airspace. This does, in fact, apply to the TacoCopter. It’s a sad day, really. Who do they think they are to tell us we can’t sit on our lazy asses and have tacos flown to us with the touch of a button? This is genius, really. If they could cut out the pesky button pushing involved with placing your order, there would pretty much be no more reason to ever get off your couch again! Let us be fat and lazy, FAA! Let us de-evolve at the pace WE demand!

Petitions should be started. Marches need to be organized. We, as constitutionally protected citizens of the United States Of America have the right to get our tacos without interference! In the name of Rodney King, I say stop stomping on my desire for meat and cheese in a crunchy, delicious shell! Who’s with me?

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