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Google’s Glamorous Goggles Garner Geeky Giddiness

The buzz has been swarming around Google’s newly revealed Project Glass the past few days. With a new concept video that lays out the possibilities, geeky tech-tops everywhere are frothing at the mouth. So, what is it, exactly? What does Project Glass bring to the table, and why should we care about it?

Well, Project Glass is focusing on a pair of high tech specs which will allow wearers to intertwine reality with their daily internet usage, including use of Google Maps and Video Chat. This sounds pretty cool, right? A ground breaking and shiny new object that brings us one step closer to making personal computers all but obsolete.  Internet on the go is practically standard practice these days with smart phone and tablet usage on the rise. So, imagine the potential benefits to walk around hands-free, yet still be plugged in and aware. We’re venturing into technology not thought up outside of science-fiction in the past.

Project Glass

Google's new specs have a lot of potential

Then, there are some possible worries that come hand in hand with such a technology. Imagine this. You’re in your car, lost, driving down random side streets. You figure, no one’s around, I’ll just turn on my headset for a pinch and check out Google Maps. You flip the switch, practically blinding yourself to the road for only an instant, and BAM! Granny steps in front of your range rover with her walker, toy poodle in tow. Sure, it sounds extreme. Many will even try to say they would never use it while driving. Yeah, no one ever texts while zooming down the road, do they? Temptation’s got its grip on us all. None of us are above turning on for that quick peek at the weather or our favorite team’s scores.

Whatever your view on the pros or cons of Project Glass, you cannot help but admire where we’re headed in terms of technological breakthrough. Twenty years ago, dial-up internet was for the upper-middle class. Ten years ago, smart phones were practically unheard of. Twenty years from now? Well. I hear Google’s also got a self-driving car. Bring it on, I say.

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