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Survivor: One World – Moronics 101

Survivor: One World Cast

The cast of Survivor: One World.

As I’m watching Survivor tonight, I can’t help but feel this show is on its last leg. Now, keep in mind that I am on the west coast, so I may be a little behind the curve here, but I just do not understand what’s happened to this game.

It seems to me that, aside from the most obvious problems with this game, there’s a major lack of actual competition this season. It’s like, now that Rob and Russel are completely finished, CBS can’t seem to find anyone else with even a tiny little BIT of common sense. The strategy is nonexistent. No one in this so-called “tribe” can keep their mouths shut about any little detail. They might as well just be walking around the tribe announcing who’s going home, because once they get to tribal, they basically rid themselves of any semblance of surprise they might have been clinging to. Yes, let’s call out every possible member who may receive a vote before the actual vote happens. Let’s give the scapegoat his or her chance to change everyone’s mind. That’s definitely the way to go.

Troyzan and Tarzan of Survivor

(Right) Tarzan and (Left) Troyzan

Tonight’s tribal hit an all time low. Tarzan, who does nothing but piss every single tribe member off and lay around camp with his dirty underwear stewing in the cooking pot, got a free pass. Jonas, a key provider of finding food and cooking it, however, got sent home after, in my opinion, a debate that rose to the absolute epitome of stupid.

If this game continues in this manner, it doesn’t matter how many more seasons the network has committed to, Survivor will be a ghost program with no one sitting down on these otherwise boring Wednesday nights. When casting next season, I would hope CBS displays a bit more eye for the true players. Stop relying on who people will hate. Once people hate EVERYONE, the show just becomes obnoxious. I mean, I can’t be alone here.

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