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Supreme Court upholds jail strip searches — even for minor offenses (WHAT?!)

In the news today? The Supreme Court ruled that those arrested for even minor arrests are subject to strip search. In case this doesn’t really sink in, let me just lay the story out for you. It started when a man in New Jersey was mistakenly arrested because of an outstanding warrant stating he had unpaid court fines and strip searched at the station twice. In case you still missed the point here, think for a second. The man was falsely arrested in front of his entire family because of a warrant that wasn’t even valid and was forced to strip naked in a room with other men doing the same.

(Right) Albert Florence

Albert Florence (Right) was mistakenly arrested and forced to strip in the police station twice.

The severe violation of the fourth amendment at work here is just astonishing. We’re fed quotes about “justifiable suspicion” while, in reality, we’re just being smacked around by government pimps at this point. Reasonable expectation of privacy is just that. Reasonable. We’re expected to bow our heads and keep our mouths shut while the whole idea behind the constitution is stomped so deep in the ground, it’s likely to have more influence on China than our own country.

The very core values that make America what it is are at stake, here. Throughout the history of this nation, we’ve been bombarded with  government instilled confusion and misdirection in an effort to keep us blindly follow our so-called “justice system.” The question is, when will enough be enough? When do we finally lift our heads and use our voices?  The line just keeps pushing us back, and no one has the audacity to step over it. We just keep shuffling back. I say, enough is enough. In this case, there is a black and white. The only gray comes from the prison cells we’re being ushered into.

One of the most telling aspects of this whole story? The majority rule on this came from conservative  Republicans on the bench. In an increasingly embarrassing election year, the Republicans are consistently making a statement that the rights of American citizens are less important than the Tea Bagging political agenda. If we’re slaves to our government officials as it is, we may as well be able to acknowledge when they’re cramming it up our proverbial backsides. Don’t let them get away with this. Tell Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Samuel Alito, Jr. where they can shove their “reasonable suspicion.”


Survivor: One World – Moronics 101

Survivor: One World Cast

The cast of Survivor: One World.

As I’m watching Survivor tonight, I can’t help but feel this show is on its last leg. Now, keep in mind that I am on the west coast, so I may be a little behind the curve here, but I just do not understand what’s happened to this game.

It seems to me that, aside from the most obvious problems with this game, there’s a major lack of actual competition this season. It’s like, now that Rob and Russel are completely finished, CBS can’t seem to find anyone else with even a tiny little BIT of common sense. The strategy is nonexistent. No one in this so-called “tribe” can keep their mouths shut about any little detail. They might as well just be walking around the tribe announcing who’s going home, because once they get to tribal, they basically rid themselves of any semblance of surprise they might have been clinging to. Yes, let’s call out every possible member who may receive a vote before the actual vote happens. Let’s give the scapegoat his or her chance to change everyone’s mind. That’s definitely the way to go.

Troyzan and Tarzan of Survivor

(Right) Tarzan and (Left) Troyzan

Tonight’s tribal hit an all time low. Tarzan, who does nothing but piss every single tribe member off and lay around camp with his dirty underwear stewing in the cooking pot, got a free pass. Jonas, a key provider of finding food and cooking it, however, got sent home after, in my opinion, a debate that rose to the absolute epitome of stupid.

If this game continues in this manner, it doesn’t matter how many more seasons the network has committed to, Survivor will be a ghost program with no one sitting down on these otherwise boring Wednesday nights. When casting next season, I would hope CBS displays a bit more eye for the true players. Stop relying on who people will hate. Once people hate EVERYONE, the show just becomes obnoxious. I mean, I can’t be alone here.

Facebook + Suicide = No One Cares

In what seems to be a heavily repeated thought, I ask “What the hell is wrong with people?”

31 year old Claire Lin of Taipei, Taiwan committed suicide on March 18th by inhaling poisonous fumes from a charcoal fire. Now, these days, suicide happens all the time. While a tragedy, one’s desire to escape from this garbage pile of a world is, essentially, his or her own choice. What makes this specific case so unique? Claire was on Facebook, as well as posting about her disastrous activities as it was happening. At least nine people saw and commented on her “status update,” and yet, not one person made a phone call or alerted anyone about what was happening.

Is this the world we live in? Are we so desensitized by the internet, that we automatically discard anything traumatic as “fake” or a misguided call for some kind of attention? As the world goes more and more virtual by the day, it’s important for us, as people, to cling to the remnants of our humanity. Show a little compassion and stop being a giant, steaming pile of human garbage for five seconds in your life. Pay attention to what’s happening around you. Get your fingers off the mouse and place them on some tiny piece of your heart that’s probably hiding behind your Angry Birds obsession.

These day, Facebook is our destination of choice in regards to social gatherings. E-mails are our phone calls. Websites can be our police stations. If you see someone asking for help, give it to them. It shouldn’t be too much to ask to give people a little bit of hope. Everyone should know that SOMEONE cares SOMEWHERE. Otherwise, we’ll have to admit the doomsday survivors are right when we destroy ourselves.

The worst part about this whole situation? This isn’t the first time this has happened. 42 year old Simone Back committed a similar act back in December of 2010 in her apartment in Brigton, England. Her last post on Facebook read, “Took all my pills be dead soon bye bye everyone.” Not one person called the police, but 148 other comments on her post were filled with half-hearted please, and if you can believe it, taunts to go through with it. Humanity has a sickness. The cure is not as impossible as it seems. Pay attention and give a crap.

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, Flour Bombing, and Even More Things That Don’t Make Sense

I ask you, the readers, for the second time in the past week, what the hell is wrong with our country? I’ve realized, as a whole, our country could use a lollipop, because we seem to have the attention span and priority list of a five year old. You flick on the news every morning, and you hope to all that’s right in the world that the news anchor will look straight out from your little talking picture box and give you a verbal pat on the back by telling you everything is okay. Everything that’s actually IMPORTANT in the world is floating on the up-sell. Instead, once the broadcast is over, we’re left scratching our heads and wondering if the big shots in our country have actually collectively developed their own learning disorder.

So, here are a few thoughts to tickle your noodle. Perhaps, I can offer a little insight into the ridiculousness. At the very least, I’m bringing you a way to kill fifteen minutes while you wait for the next Tweet from Angelina’s ankle.

Staff Sergeant Robert Bales

The Afghanistan Ripper

Staff Sergeant Robert Bales

Here, we have the all time of political disasters. This guy strolls over to some village and slaughters seventeen Afghanistan civilians, including nine children. Now, in my very unprofessional opinion, it’s likely he did it. Whether you blame it on the stress of the situations we put our soldiers in, some random mental disorder, or you just think the guy’s a sociopath, it doesn’t really matter. Guilty is guilty, and in this case, the guy is a first-rate contender for the next Charles Manson. That is, however, just my opinion. Now, on to what I absolutely do not understand about this whole situation. First off, our country claims to want to send a message of freedom and compassion. We talk of justice and security, and yet, Staff Sgt. Bales is sitting safely in solitary confinement over in Fort Leavenworth with the knowledge that his trial could be “months or more” away. There is no delicate handling of this. Sit the guy in the courtroom tomorrow, and pound the gavel. If we want to send a message to these other countries, how about showing we do not harbor killers? Bales’s defense is that he “can’t remember.” I can’t remember a lot of things. I can’t remember going to sleep last night. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. This needs to be dealt with quickly, and firmly. Enough of this political square dancing.

Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed

I weep for our country.

Kim Kardashian Flour Bombed On The Red Carpet

Where do I even start here? This no-talent “celebrity” gets some flour dumped on her head, and the world stopped spinning for about twenty seconds. Police were called. The suspect was arrested. Kim gets five more minutes of undeserving attention. This morning, I wake up to hear Starr Jones telling Matt Lauer that celebrity bullying cannot go unnoticed, and the woman should basically be made an example of. Congratulations on your social consciousness, Starr. Let’s throw this woman to the gallows while George Zimmerman goes out and shoots another “suspicious” teenager for walking in the wrong neighborhood. What do I think? I think Kardashian needs to get that flour out of her hair and use it to learn to cook so she’s at least contributing SOME kind of skill to society. Honestly, just writing about this is difficult for me, because I feel like making this news is just another step towards a real-life version of the movie “Idiocracy.” However, it’s important to point out the ridiculousness of this whole non-event. It’s just the perfect example of what our country’s priorities are.

Twilight vs. The Hunger Games

Really. Who cares?

The Hunger Games vs. Twilight

In another piece of non-news, the record-breaking success of the new tween obsession, The Hunger Games, has sparked a lot of comments around the web noting how The Hunger Games is just so much better than the whole Twilight saga. Now, okay, while this is a ridiculous argument to be held for longer than one half of a second for many reasons, there are a few things that stand out to me. First off, what many may not want to admit is, the people making these comments are likely the same ones who flipped out when the whole Twihard madness started. They’re equal to the twenty-five year olds now swearing to all that’s holy that they never bought a single Pokemon card when they were growing up. The next problem with this is, it’s a movie. The sheer amount of energy being put into this crap could probably have Joseph Kony in prison by tomorrow. Channel your internet anger into something productive. Now, I’ll be the first to step up and say, yeah, I’ve seen Twilight. I’ll probably see The Hunger Games, as well. Does this mean I lose sleep over which “team” I’m on? Hell no. I’m a fan of movies. Any movies. I advise everyone to take this stance on it. Your day will be a lot happier if you stop having a heart attack every time you hear the words “Team Edward.” Basically, my message is simple. Can we stop turning into three year olds who were just got their cookies taken away every time a new book-based movie hits the theaters? It’s getting old. Enjoy it all or hate it all. It’s your choice. I just don’t want to hear about it.

So, there you have it. More stupidity in America. I think we can learn from all of these amazingly interesting events. And, obviously, by that I mean these things mean absolutely nothing to the betterment of our country. It has to be stopped. Anyway. There’s sure to be more stupidity coming, so definitely be sure to stick around.

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