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Supreme Court upholds jail strip searches — even for minor offenses (WHAT?!)

In the news today? The Supreme Court ruled that those arrested for even minor arrests are subject to strip search. In case this doesn’t really sink in, let me just lay the story out for you. It started when a man in New Jersey was mistakenly arrested because of an outstanding warrant stating he had unpaid court fines and strip searched at the station twice. In case you still missed the point here, think for a second. The man was falsely arrested in front of his entire family because of a warrant that wasn’t even valid and was forced to strip naked in a room with other men doing the same.

(Right) Albert Florence

Albert Florence (Right) was mistakenly arrested and forced to strip in the police station twice.

The severe violation of the fourth amendment at work here is just astonishing. We’re fed quotes about “justifiable suspicion” while, in reality, we’re just being smacked around by government pimps at this point. Reasonable expectation of privacy is just that. Reasonable. We’re expected to bow our heads and keep our mouths shut while the whole idea behind the constitution is stomped so deep in the ground, it’s likely to have more influence on China than our own country.

The very core values that make America what it is are at stake, here. Throughout the history of this nation, we’ve been bombarded with  government instilled confusion and misdirection in an effort to keep us blindly follow our so-called “justice system.” The question is, when will enough be enough? When do we finally lift our heads and use our voices?  The line just keeps pushing us back, and no one has the audacity to step over it. We just keep shuffling back. I say, enough is enough. In this case, there is a black and white. The only gray comes from the prison cells we’re being ushered into.

One of the most telling aspects of this whole story? The majority rule on this came from conservative  Republicans on the bench. In an increasingly embarrassing election year, the Republicans are consistently making a statement that the rights of American citizens are less important than the Tea Bagging political agenda. If we’re slaves to our government officials as it is, we may as well be able to acknowledge when they’re cramming it up our proverbial backsides. Don’t let them get away with this. Tell Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Samuel Alito, Jr. where they can shove their “reasonable suspicion.”

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