Kony 2012, Trayvon Martin, And Other Things That Don’t Make Sense

There are things going in this country that simply baffle one’s mind. It’s not necessarily what’s going on that troubles me, but how we deal with it. Things have always been bad, and they always will be. The problem I have is where this information goes. It’s the channels that are flooded with absolutely ridiculous nonsense once the tiniest inkling of information surfaces. If you don’t get what I mean, you’re probably in the same boat I’m in when I read the news. Have no fear, though. Unlike most, I will attempt to explain myself. Please. Read on.

Kony 2012

I'm socially conscious... On Facebook.

First off, Kony 2012.

The whole idea behind Kony 2012 is, basically, good. Raise awareness. The problem, however, lies within the attitude of Americans, and really, the world in general. Let me put it this way. Has hitting “Like” on Facebook led to world peace yet? No? Didn’t think so. Being aware only really matters if you use that knowledge in a productive way. Posing pictures and videos, while ranting like you know anything about or have ever cared about the children of Uganda, does nothing but make the whole thing into a fad. Into a Twitter trend. How about writing some letters to the Uganda government? Better yet, how about making a trip overseas and personally lending a hand to the anti-Kony effort? A big portion of the country CAN’T do this, and an even larger portion simply will not. Why? Because they’re fat, comfortable, self-righteous idiots who think everyone cares what they have to say. The real truth is, people care about what you DO. Start DOING and stop SAYING.

Trayvon Martin

(Left)Trayvon Martin (Right)George Zimmerman

The death of Trayvon Martin.

Alright, be wary of what you choose to read from here on out, because I’m bound to draw some aggressive comments. The problem is, this is how I feel, and I will not be apologizing for it.

Okay, so the basic rundown of the whole Trayvon Martin case is that George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, follow this 17 year old kid because he was a “suspicious person,” and upon catching him, allegedly shot and killed him. Now, I used the word “allegedly” very loosely, because in my spectrum of view, there’s no question he shot this kid, and I don’t think that’s really the issue, anyway. The issue, which predictably has civil rights activists such as Al Sharpton up in arms, is the claim that the so-called “justifiable homicide” was race-related. I don’t see this as being the case at all, and I’m honestly amazed this view hasn’t come up for debate yet. George Zimmerman is just a neighborhood vigilante on a power trip. The neighborhood watch? What a joke. What can they really do? Make a citizen’s arrest? They’re just in a position to get themselves hurt, anyway. What I find ridiculously overlooked is that Zimmerman had called in almost 50 previous incidents. The guy is a wannabe Batman. In this case, race is not the problem. Over-ambitious do-gooders are the problem.

Mitt Romney

Seriously, America?

Mitt Romeny

There isn’t a whole lot of introduction needed for this walking fiasco of a politician. Anyone who’s even remotely paying attention to our possibilities for the presidential election knows what’s not to get about this guy. I mean, comparing Romney’s so-called campaign “tactics” to an Etch-A-Sketch is an insult to Etch-A-Sketch. I don’t know if Republicans are putting something in their own water or what, but things just seem to be getting more and more ridiculous. I won’t go into any specific divulging opinions on his politics, but that’s just because I don’t want the headache that goes along with talking about it. The one thing to keep in mind here, is, regardless of what the right-wing propaganda-driven news networks want to report, it’s highly likely Obama WILL be re-elected. The track history of presidential terms speaks for itself. Like it or not, Obama will probably see the end of his second term. Then, maybe, we’ll get some real available options.

Cat Survives Fall

Seriously, why is this news?

A cat survives a 19-foot fall.

Quite simply, why is this HEADLINE news? Are you kidding me? I know we need the occasional distraction, being as simple as we are, but has there ever been a more blatant attempt at pulling our attention away from the real, massively growing, unsolvable problems with our country? I thought it was bad enough when the whole “LOL Cat” trend kicked off a while back, but this is taking it to a whole new level. Gas prices are rising steadily, idiots are trying to invade the white house, we may be going to war with Iran, but it’s okay. The cat survived. Every time I see a the word “cat” mentioned in an article or news item, I literally cringe in my seat. They’re inescapable, it seems.

So, for now, we’re swimming in a world of social retardation and I feel like my floaties are running out of air. We’re better than all this as a people. Smarter. Probably. It’s time to move on and pay attention to some real issues with our country for a change. Stay tuned for part two. There is plenty more junk out there on the internet.

Also, if you disagree or agree with anything I said, please feel free to drop a comment. Keep in mind, however, if you talk to me like an idiot, expect to be treated like one. As I said, I apologize for nothing I have to say.


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  1. Not everyone even has the ability to go over there, and sending the military would herebe way over kill (although there are multiple pieces of legislation being written that do just that).

    Although you are spot on about the Trayvon Martin case. The shooter, Zimmerman, should do time in my opinion.

    As for Obama being a second term president… I think it has been guaranteed with all of the voter fraud, the track records of the candidates, and the complete over looking by the MSM of dr. Paul.

    The country is being run by corrupt individuals who individually are simply trying to increase profits or are being manipulated by those who do… Oh yea, and you forgot Iran… War by July?

    • Tweaked the wording a bit on the Kony post. Definitely didn’t mean to imply the government should go, and I added my feelings on the DIFFERENCE between those who “can’t” and those who “won’t” go. Very big difference there.

      Definitely agree that Zimmerman should do some serious time. He’s the worst kind of policing entity. One who thrives on the so-called “power” he has.

      Whatever the reason, my prediction is that Obama will definitely have a second term. The majority of the general public doesn’t really pay attention to the truth behind the voting process, so the reason is kind of moot. If we, as in American citizens in general, paid attention, people wouldn’t have been calling Gore a joke when the recount was demanded but then groaning when Bush was re-elected. (I’ll bet half, or more, of those inauguration protesters didn’t even vote.)

      Corruption is absolutely correct, and I couldn’t agree with you more. Nothing really to add here, except that I did, in fact, mention Iran. 😛


    You have some very good content on your blog. Keep up the thought provoking ideas. They help to make all of us look deeper inside ourselves for answers that effect the entire world. I truly appreciate what you are doing. Many Thanks Pastor Davis

  3. In my opinion, I think race did play a part in Trayvon Martin’s death. During his call in to 911, George Zimmerman pointed out that he was Black, which in turn made him “suspicious.” Secondly, had the tables been turned and a Black man had shot a White or (as some say in Zimmerman’s case) Hispanic male, it has been inferred that he would’ve been arrested.

    That said, I totally agree that Zimmerman is a vigilante destined to take the law into his own hands. Unfortunately, if it would have not been Trayvon last month…it would’ve been somebody else, sooner or later.

    Thank you for your interesting take on things!

    • Definitely not questioning Zimmerman’s racist status. This angle is just the first thought that came to me when I heard the story. While it’s definitely possible Trayvon’s ethnicity played a part in what happened, I just feel like the main cause is much more basic. Really, to be honest, the problem here is Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. Thew few bumps and bruises on Zimmerman, whether caused by Trayvon or self-inflicted, will give Zimmerman’s lawyers enough to work with to get him off on self-defense, in all likelihood. The legal system in our country needs a swift kick in the nuts and a major overhaul. I say, lynch the bastard.

      Thank you for reading, and I appreciate the feedback!

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